• QR Code meets Check-In

    Create your social profile with your facebook, foursquare and gowalla check-in button and define rules to offer coupons after having checked in. Add some twitter streams and inform your customers about your products and services (e.g. history, nutrition information, ...)

  • The QR Code Campaign Suite.

    Create your QR Codes, track the results in realtime and manage your clients. Link your QR Code to a homepage, video, social network account or to a mobile site created with our designer.

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Create a mobile profile site with your social profile accounts and connect this with your personal QR Code.

  • Create & Manage campaigns

    Create new QR Codes and link them to your content of choice.

  • Powerful analytics

    Actionable reports that go beyond opens and clicks. Track your campaign results.

  • Mobile optimized content

    All your content will be optimized for mobile devices (IPhone, Android, etc.)